WordPress Plugin: coComment

WordPress Plugin: coComment

- in Linklog, WordPress

coComment will enable you to efficiently track your comments and conversations with others across the blogosphere.

You need a coComment account to use this Plugin. For more information read the „Standard Blogs„-posting at the coComment TeamBlog.

cocomment.zip v1.0 (WP 2.0.x required)

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  1. What does it do? coComment-enable your WP blog if it isn’t recognized by the bookmarklet?

  2. It only includes the code given in the posting „Standard Blogs“ at the coComment TeamBlog. With this Plugin it won`t be necessary to include the code into the „comments.php“ of your theme, that`s all.

  3. thanks, it’s just what I wanted

  4. very cool. i will use it for one of my customers.

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